Create and Send an Action Plan in Less Than One Minute

Assign tasks to your clients via email/text with no pesky portals, sign-ups or logins.
I spent $20k last year on a staff member whose entire job was to do what Action Plan Now does – remind clients what they should be doing.
Richard Segura, Director of CAPDS
A perfect way to assign tasks. Our clients complete them at a much higher rate using
Caroline Meredith, Attorney


Hello, I'm Charlie. I designed

I've been a lawyer in Austin, Texas, for almost 20 years. As my client base grew, I needed software that helped my clients understand and complete tasks. And the tasks needed to be easily personalized for individual clients. And it had to be simple! I've been using (and tweaking) ActionPlanNow for a year and a half. It has been a game changer for my practice. Compliance has increased 60+%. And my clients love it.
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onboarding new clients
When I am hired by a new client, I interview them and then send an ActionPlan. I've created 60+ tasks that I can pick and choose from - depending on their situation.
Adding New Tasks
Whenever I need my client to do something, I make sure it is included in their ActionPlan - because each task includes a "Why it is important" and "How to do it."

What's The Problem We solve?

Too many of our clients don’t do the necessary tasks in a timely manner, forget or hope the task eventually becomes unnecessary, don’t know how to do the task, or why the task is important and when it is due.

Assign Tasks With 1-Click

Reinforce your advice. Deliver reminders automatically.Improve performance with explanations, repetition and accountability.
Faster Resolutions
No more delays because your client forgot to complete a task, didn’t realize it was important, or didn’t know how to do it.
Deliver reminders automatically
Schedule follow up communications to reinforce your advice and improve accountability.

What Your Clients Receive From You

Simple Instructions with "Why" the task is important and "How" to do it.
Send an Action Plan in Less Than 1 minute
Improve performance with explanations, repitition and accountability
Get Confirmation Receipts
You can see when your clients receive the action plan and when they complete the task
Clients Only Have One Button to Click
"I've completed this task"

Get Started for Free

Success is often dependent on clients following our advice
Create a task. Assign to a client. Send an ActionPlan. Let the system do the rest.

Pricing Plans For Everyone

Free Plan
Everything you need to test out
the ActionPlanNow system.
Standard Plan
More clients and the ability
to send ActionPlans via text messages.
Pro Plan
All the features of ActionPlanNow plus the ability to create marketing top-of-the-funnel landing pages with automated ActionPlan lessons for potential clients.
$ 0
$ 19
$ 29
# of Tasks
# of Clients
Send Action Plans via
Email & Text
Email & Text
FAQ & Email
FAQ, Email & Phone
Automated Marketing Action Plans
HIPAA Compliant (coming soon)
Simple communication. Clear Instructions

Happier clients. Better results. Faster resolutions.